So what is this all about??

So I saw former Super bowl winning Quarterback, and current NFL analyst Trent Dilfer (@TDespn) refer to himself on Twitter as a Football Geek, and it hit me that there was no better word to describe myself than exactly that.

I’m a Football Geek through and through, everything about the game enthralls me. From the strategy to the technique to the front office actions in the NFL.  I’ve noticed that even though the NFL has a huge following throughout the country and the world, the great majority of fans don’t really have much of an idea of what they’re watching on TV on Saturdays and Sundays. So I decided I would establish a place where I could take some of the big stories, trends, strategies and issues in the football world and break it down a little bit.  I never played big time football, but am a student of the game and will do the best I can to take what’s going on, and make it easier to understand.  Hopefully I can help atleast a few people become better football fans, and enjoy the game a little more because you have more of an idea of what you should be watching for.

My first actual post should be up a little later today, so I hope you’ll take some time to read up a little bit and tell your friends…


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